A few more..

We spent the afternoon in meetings with one of our largest Australian customers. The jet lag started to set in around 4pm but following our meeting I managed to catch second wind around dinner time. We set up the stall that our company will be exhibiting in. It was kind of weird being inside a trade show when it was being built. Tradespeople were everywhere, forklifts were beeping their horns to warn of their approach and some exhibits had literally teams of people wiring components to plexiglass display walls and countries like Germany and Korea building huge country showcases boasting their best in computer and network software and hardware. Tomorrow the show opens.

Here are a few more pics I took in the afternoon:

Until tomorrow (which for most of you is actually later today...)
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I'm down under this week!

So it's been a while since the last post - I thought a trip down to Sydney, Australia would be a good chance to jump back into things.

Here are some shots of the last 24 hours for me:

..Coming over the Rockies en route to LA from Toronto

..On descent coming into LAX

..Watching the sunrise on approach in Sydney

I'm here in "Aus" for the next week to represent my company at a trade show. I just arrived after a Toronto -> LA -> Sydney flight which was surprisingly not as painful as I thought it would be. I rode my longest flight ever - 14 hours direct. I managed to sleep a bit, and I think the travel PK and I did helped me to bear the waking hours. Since we left LA at 10:40 and flew "with the night" it remained dark the whole way until arriving into Sydney this morning. We got here just as the Monday morning rush was starting - a news report on the radio in the taxi was about to mention what Canada is doing to redefine it's image to lure Australian tourists before we were let out at our hotel. That's where I am now.

I'll post updates and pictures of the next 7 days.. Check back!
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Someone at Nike had better make a commercial.

Did you watch any of the Masters golf tournament today? If you did, you might have seen that shot that Tiger Woods made that arched way around, rolled down a hill and got closer and closer to the hole. As it got closer, it lost more and more speed before stopping at the edge of the cup and then finally dropped in.

Tiger Woods' already wearing 4 or 5 occurrences of the Nike "swoosh" (tm) also golfs with balls with that same emblem. As the camera zoomed in on one of the most unique made-shots in television golf, the Nike emblem was right there as the ball was the full size of your tv screen. I thought about how much extra exposure their brand received today as the Masters beamed itself into millions of televisions around the world.

So if I'm the product manager for Nike Golf I'm going into work tomorrow and starting to create a commercial, or an animation.. anything that captures that same black blur that I was watching today as the ball spun around, then stopped with a pause showing you the swoosh and then the sound of a golf ball landing in a cup...

It just has to happen. We'll see if it does.

Help! Attack of the Googlezon News Alert!

Does anyone use the Google Alerts feature from within Google News? Over the past week or so I've been getting multiple copies of any alert I have running. I use the service to get news based on keywords sent to me, instead of going out and searching it. I keep scans going on words that are relevant to the Disability News Ticker that I maintain, along with other words on stuff like news from my hometown and when the group that my cousin is with is mentioned in music mags and sites. I also get notified when my website gets linked somewhere. It's a pretty good service, but I prefer to get one alert, not 10.

Speaking of Google, CBC's ZED program had a cool short film on their show last night. I'm not a regular watcher of the show (although after watching it, I may start to catch more). They explored the role of blogs, webcams and tv on-demand in an episode about New-New Media. There featured a short film about Google in the future, and what it might become. The "GoogleZon" will be a powerful monstrosity that rules "old"-media types like the New York Times and knows everything about your information gathering patterns (don't they already?) through EPIC - the 'Evolving Personalized Information Construct'. The film plays as a timeline of the important milestones in the web and then with Google, the narrator playing a futurist role to predict stories that could come from the empire that Google is building. It's interesting. (a great site) has a summary of the film with all the narrative.. Take a look. There are some links at the bottom of the the summary where you can view the short. It's thought provoking and most like spot on with their predictions.
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Ipod Victoria envisioned..

Found this most interesting iPod mutation on a blog this past week:

If Apple were to make this, I'd be tempted to buy it. I love things that blend old and new technology together..

This guy has some pretty cool ideas that he's created using Photoshop. Check it out here.

Google News customization

For those of you who use Google News, there is a cool new feature where you can customize news modules by your own keyword choices. The customization also allows you to drag around and reorder the various news sections.

It's pretty cool.