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Hey folks,

Sorry for the absence. It's been a while, but just wanted to post a quick message to let friends like Satori know that things are still ticking along here in Waterloo. Thanks for the concern! I suppose I haven't broken the news to most of you, but PK and I are having a baby! Actually, it's in a matter of days (maybe weeks). Our due date is Dec. 16th, so we're now pretty much around that time when it could happen any day. So yeah, pretty big news. We're pretty much prepared and excited.. :)

Also, as someone wrote in the comments section of my last post a new blog has been keeping me pretty busy - Google Maps Mania is a blog I set up back in April to just post links to neat new maps people were creating with Google Maps. The blog has seemed to attract international media attention and it's occupied a lot of my spare time online.. It's been pretty surreal actually - The New York Times, Canadian Press, USAToday have called.. I've even done a taping for the TechTV show 'Call for Help' where I show the blog and some of the maps I've found. Here is a list of all the places where it's been picked up or I've done an interview for lately.. This will help explain what the hell I've been doing! I think it's all pretty weird how much attention it's received

Swing by sometime and check out the new blog.. I'll try to keep this one more updated, and I'll for sure keep you posted in the days ahead.. :)
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