Morpeth (morpeth) wrote,

Heading out from Hanoi..

It's funny to be oddly familiar with such a foreign place. Upon arrival to Hanoi airport the details of my last trip came brimming to the top of my mind. I could place the exact immigration wicket PK and I checked in through, the drive from the airport was familiar and I instantly recognized a corner shoe shop near the place we stayed where I bought a pair of flip flops in '02. I love Hanoi. I loved it then, and I love it now. There is just so much happening on the streets of this city. There is an energy, and activity about the place that is just interesting and uplifting to be a part of when you're here. I had the opportunity, while here on this trip to be here in a differnet light - business. That was very interesting. You see business people while backpacking on a holiday, but to get the chance to be invited into offices in a country like Vietnam and discuss your company and your product with them and learn how it could be applicable to them is very interesting. We finished our last of our sales calls in the late morning hours earlier today and have had some time to kill before our late night flight from here to Seoul tonight. I took my work mate around to see some of the things that I had remembered being interesting (pictures via the link below). We're expected to have an 8 hr layover in Seoul so I'm going to try to zip into downtown Seoul to eat some kimchi and *quickly* take in the vibe of Korea... Perhaps I can find a broadband connection and computer in the airport to make a post-in-transit. :)

Here are the pictures from the entire trip - you'll notice Vietnam starts after the in-flight world map..
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