Morpeth (morpeth) wrote,

Sunday morning in Bangkok...

..Here is my evolving slideshow of pictures of the trip. If you want to get big zoom-ins of any of them, explore them a bit
further here..

I'm just getting ready to head out to our final day at the technology show we're exhibiting here in Bangkok. Things have gone well and we have a full day of meetings booked up for our final day in Bangkok tomorrow. We managed a few hours yesterday afternoon to do a bit of sightseeing. Departing from our hotel we caught a public boat right here on the Chao Phraya River (see my previous picture I posted). We took in the sights and sounds of whizzing longtail boats, convoys of barges and locals scurrying on and off the boat each numbered boat pier. We were focused on heading to the Khao San road area - a world famous hangout for Thai backpackers (remember the movie - The Beach) but instead got off at the Tha Chang pier to walk by the Grand Palace. It happened to be opened so we wandered through the grounds. The reclining emerald buddah is sprawled out in a massive building and the sight is amazing. Take a look at this picture I tried to stitch together:

We then ended up over in the Khao San road area. Here, a small strip of of backpacker cafes, hostels, tattoo parlours and souvenir shops are enveloped by hundreds of shop-signs that hang out in the middle of the street while sidewalk vendors completely conceal any signs of a sidewalk. We got a small snack in a small cafe in the front lobby area of a hotel that PK and I spent 6 hours in one early, early morning after arriving in from the south of Thailand too early to make booking a room worthwhile. We hung out here sipping Coke and checking email and web stuff while waiting for the early check-in. It was in this location where we discovered the Mombasa, Kenya bombings on before leaving Bangkok for that location the next day... Ah Memories. :) The shopping on this street is great. Pirated cds, shirts, Thai gift items.. all on sale here, and you can spend hours. I left my work mate who is with me here as he tried to re-compile a collection of old Pink Floyd cds he had lost.

I hopped on a tuk-tuk, a small three wheel motor-bike taxi to get to the nearest subway station to get across town to meet my brother and his fiancee for dinner. The tuk-tuk driver gave me the usual run-around - "I take you for free.. no charge.. if you go to tourist office, say first time visitor.. spend 20 mins.. buy nothing, then get back on". He claimed to get 300 bhat commission for the act, and I would get a free ride. Since I was paying him 75 bhat to get where I was going (well negotiated I might add), and I was in a hurry, I told him.. maybe next time. The transit system (BTS) here in Bangkok is so well marked and guided that I had no problem finding my way. Dinner - Pad Thai. AWESOME. Pictures of most everything above are located in the slideshow I linked to above..

I'm going to get ready to head out - I'll post some pictures of the technology show we're in before I leave Thailand...
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