Morpeth (morpeth) wrote,

Posted in Thailand..

I'll be in Bangkok until Monday so I thought this would be a good chance to post some updates for everyone that cares to check around here.. I'm here for a tradeshow that the company I work for is exhibiting in, as well as some sales and customer meetings.

I nearly fell off the treadmill this morning when I saw TORONTO PLANE CRASH come up on the screen in front of me. Fumbling for sound, I had to do with the captions below the images. All said, it was a good result, as far as plane accidents happen. It will still make me nervous to land there next week.

The flight here was good. I'm actually getting used to the long-haul flight. I stopped over in Narita (Tokyo) for a few hours. I'm just packing up now to head to the convention centre.

Here is a shot I just took from my hotel window:

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