Morpeth (morpeth) wrote,

Weekend Update

Air conditioning would be a good thing. I'm slowly learning the hot zones in our house. Our bedroom seems to contain the heat, as does the office I'm in now. We have a guy coming tomorrow to give us a quote on making the house cool. I will get around to posting some pictures of the property for you sometime soon. The grass is taking root and I'm not sure I posted any interior shots.

I'll be reporting to you again from 'out on the road' starting Monday if all goes well with an Internet connection on the other end. I'm going to Singapore for one week for work again. We're exhibiting in another tradeshow and I was asked to go along. I enjoy helping sell our company and the technology and product that we market. It gives me a chance to put some reality to the usual email and phone conversations I have with customers. I also find speaking with people in business in other countries fascinating. Especially when it all deals with a common industry.

Following the one week trip to Singapore I'll be taking a week off to spend with PK in Northern Canada - The Yukon Territory to be exact. We'll fly to Whitehorse and rent a car to drive north out of the province, dip into Alaska (if they'll let us) and then circle back to Whitehorse and return home. I'll fill you in more on that later..

This week consists of a convoluted packing job for a business trip to Singapore and outdoor camping in the Yukon. A fun dilemma.
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