Morpeth (morpeth) wrote,

Wednesday comes to a close

A really tiring but successful day for my workmate and I here. I'm a bit iffy about doing much blogging about work or our specific activities here for obvious reasons, so I'll stay slim on the details. Here is a shot of the show we're in. Cebit is the name of it, and it's basically a show that has consolidated many shows (Internet, hardware/software and wireless) together in recent years. Seems Australia is seeing the same decline of 4 big tech shows in one year, with just one big one happening now instead. Shows that the tech/Internet industry is maturing.

Much of the picture taking has been reduced to evening hours only - no time through the day since we're in the show hall all day. There should be some extra time on Friday afternoon to get down to see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Here is a shot I got of a building downtown when I was walking tonight.

Also - a feature shot of my dinner last night!! Japanese! Yum! We have a truly Japanese restaurant opposite our hotel that we sampled last night for dinner.

Complete photo set is here..

..Off to bed. :)
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