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Coffee in Aussie (or NZ) isn't what you know it to be at home. You don't walk into a Timmy's-like establishment and order up the standard double double. In fact, the standard filtered coffee is pretty much unheard of as well. If you do want it, you'd need to find a large hotel and ask in the restaurant for a "drip coffee".. otherwise it's known as the fancy foofoo coffees you'd get at Starbucks (of which there are many in Sydney). A "flat white" is about as close as you'll come to just a regular "coffee" which my best guess has it being just a latte.

Heh, I just ran the search "flat white" through and here is the link I found. Here is what they have to say:

The flat white was created right here in Australia because many of us want the full rich flavour of the coffee without all the foam contained in a cappuccino
Cup size: 160 - 180 mls

1 shot of espresso and 1/2cm of textured (frothed) milk that forms a slight dome on the surface of the drink. <a href="" target="_blank:>(Here is the link)</a></b> Regardless, the coffee's a must and this is what I'm drinking while I'm here. :)
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