Morpeth (morpeth) wrote,

Tuesday Morning.

There. One full 8-hr sleep is under my belt and I'm officially
in this timezone in terms of my body clock.

The Sydney Morning Herald was tucked under the door of my hotel room this morning. A very wide format paper, but not a tabloid style I was surprised the paper only had three sections and a few flyers. It was light and easy to pick up, unlike the Record or Globe you get from home that feels like an encyclopedia. The back of the main section has a really good summary page that *does* read like a tabloid when you flip it around to read the text. Very cool format. Take a look at what the front page said down below, and
take a read of the paper..

(this image will change each day)

Weatherwise this week, things are looking good. Yesterday was awesome. It was clear and sunny with very whispy clouds (the clouds are very unique here) and really nice conditions.. even into the evening you were okay with short sleeves. We were told yesterday that it's autumn and the winter weather hasn't arrived yet. I'm certain that can't be too bad compared to Canada though.. The paper said this morning that this kind of weather can be expected all week. Good times!

Off to the show we're here exhibiting at..
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